2013 ASL Immersion Weekend Workshop

“ASL Boot Camp”
Presented by Sandy Rae Scott

The “ASL Boot Camp” workshop will introduce linguistic and grammar information using the rules of upper and lower facial movements.  Also we will work with ASL classifiers with specific features – incorporating this while using ASL structure. We know that when using ASL it is important to understand the purpose of using classifiers and non-manual signals.  These two aspects of the language is vitally important in everyday conversation, discourse, and storytelling to correctly access the meaning of the information.

The workshop will explore the use of ASL classifiers and non-manual signals (NMS) in ASL sentences with many different practice drills and hands-on activities. You will translate English passages into ASL during the workshop activities. There will be continuous constructive feedback by the teacher and there will be opportunities for peer/self evaluations throughout the workshop sessions.

Participation in the ASL Boot Camp workshop will help you understand why it is important to correctly use classifiers, non-manual signals and ASL grammar.  Most learners of American Sign Language have already been exposed to these concepts in one fashion or another – whether by native users, a class or a workshop.  This workshop will endeavor to expose participants to a more advanced understanding of these concepts.  After completion of the “ASL Boot Camp” — by incorporating and recognizing the concepts above — you should have enhanced expressive and receptive skills.