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April 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2019
Joe Sapienza’s
ASL Immersion Weekend Presents:

“Score Four With Molly!”
Four workshops with Molly O’Hara

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Which Came First, the Subject or the Predicate?

Subjects do the predicates.  What’s a predicate?  It’s the action of a sentence.  Learn how these two parts interact to create structure that fits.  Learn the two sides of subjects in ASL – what does sentence structure reveal about a subject?  Some predicates are undivided while other predicates are split apart.  Find out why and when that happens through the specs of eye gaze clusters.

Word Problems? No Problem!

Where does one start when telling a word problem in ASL?  Is there even an instruction manual out there?  Come to this workshop and you’ll be pleased to learn that there is a practical way to take on the common headaches: order of operations, distance, rate, and time!  Working through standard settings such as “calling for” two cups and saying “where” C equals cost will be a satisfying experience.

Social Studies Today

The president declares a national emergency.  The partial shutdown impacts the economy.  What is the latest on immigration?  Such headlines grab the attention of today’s citizens.  Now, more than ever, folks are interested in how the government works.  Gain the upper hand by learning how to discuss these topics and other political issues in the worldview of ASL.

The Fundamentals of Mathematics in ASL

From whose point of view?  Which symbol do I use?  What’s the term for it?  How does ASL show the difference in meaning?  Shy away from the language of math no more!  Discover how to make sense of mathematical operations.  Tuck away a few pointers that carries you far.  Settle questions that haunt every interpreter.  Own the fundamentals of mathematics.

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2019 Presenter

Molly O’Hara, deaf from birth, excels in the fields of linguistics, curriculum development, interpreter training, and second-language learning. She has developed collegiate coursework for bi-cultural education and ASL instruction.

Last year, O’Hara published a bilingual handbook, “American Sign Language:  A Grammar Reference Guide”. Currently, she is building courses and posting them on ASLlearn.com. O’Hara is determined to render ASL gloss obsolete by making alphabetic writing possible for signed language. To that end, she built and directed a successful internship that has brought her closer to identifying ASL phonemes.

O’Hara’s deaf heritage spans five generations, and she is a certified English/ASL interpreter with experience in the K-12 setting.

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Weekend Info

About the Weekend: WHERE

The Weekend is held at the Babler State Park’s Outdoor Education Center.  It is a quiet, rustic area that is perfect for our group to be isolated from others using their voice so that participants may focus on visual communication mode.  Its not “fancy”, but it fits perfectly with our needs. The address is as follows:

The Outdoor Education Center
Babler State Park
800 Guy Park Drive
Wildwood, Missouri  63005-6134

About the Weekend: WHEN

The 2019 Weekend begins at 4:30 pm on Friday, April 12th and ends at 1:00 pm on Sunday, April 14th

About the Weekend: WHO

The ASL Immersion Weekend is open to anyone 18 years of age and older.  Regardless of your signing skill, you are welcome at this event!  Please note that the presenter will present and teach at  their normal signing rate and speed. Any questions or clarification on this, please call me at 636-227-2277

About the Weekend: COST

The cost for the 2019 ASL Immersion Weekend is $110.00 per participant. This cost covers for:

    • At least 12 hours of instruction time (2 hours on Friday, 8 hours on Saturday, and 2 hours on Sunday)

    • 6 meals (dinner on Friday, breakfast lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday)

  • On-site lodging in a camp cabin for Friday and Saturday night. Each cabin holds 12+ people and has an open-area, shared dormitory concept.  Each of the six inner partitions accommodates two people and opens into the center of the cabin. They are heated and, yes, there is hot running water!


Once you have registered and your money received, you will be sent a Welcome Letter via the email address you’ve provided.  This will include map links, informational page (what to bring, not bring, etc.) and any last minute details.  The Welcome Letters will be emailed as soon as possible, but no later than one week before the Weekend.

This program (The ASL Immersion Weekend) has applied for 1.2 CEUs from the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) in the Content Area of Professional Studies and will have an Instructional Level of Advanced.

This program (The ASL Immersion Weekend) has applied for 1.2 CEUs from the Missouri Certification Maintenance Program.

Most states’ Certification Maintenance Programs accept CEUs approved by the RID. Contact your states’ Board or Licensing Agency for verification.

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Why ASL Weekend?

The ASL Immersion Weekend is an ongoing yearly workshop and nonverbal experience going on its 25th year.  It’s a quiet, no-frills, casual event that brings people of varying skill levels, backgrounds and experiences together to learn and share aspects of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture.

The ASL Immersion Weekend is open to anyone interested in American Sign Language:

  • Interpreters
  • Students of Interpreter Training Programs
  • Students of sign language classes
  • Families and friends of D/deaf or hard of hearing individuals
  • Special education teachers
  • D/deaf or hard of hearing individuals

The ASL Immersion Weekend consists of 12 hours of workshop time inside of a non-vocal Immersion Weekend! The workshop, as well as your interaction with other participants throughout the weekend, will offer plenty of opportunities to improve your receptive and expressive skills in a relaxing retreat environment. Through this exposure, participants will also gain a deeper understanding of Deaf Culture and the Deaf community’s language, ASL  The only requirement is an open mind and an understanding that you will learn something if only you allow it!

The ASL Immersion Weekend will be conducted without vocal communication. Participants will communicate solely through sign language and visual means.

Check out these video testimonials from past Weekenders!

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