2002 ASL Immersion Weekend Workshop

“ASL Potpourri”
Presented by Edna F. Johnston

  • Lexicalized Fingerspelling
  • Classifer Predicates
  • English idioms with ASL translations
  • Country Signs: Then and Now

     This year’s presentation will cover four topics pertaining to American Sign Language.LEXICALIZED FINGERSPELLING will teach participants the processes involved in lexicalized fingerspelling and offer techniques for participants to improve fingerspelling production. With CLASSIFER PREDICATES, participants will learn about the roots in classifier predicates and how to sign classifiers in a variety of ways. ENGLISH IDIOMS WITH ASL TRANSLATIONSwill show weekenders possible ways to take English idioms and produce them into equivalent ASL sentences. “Correct” translations depend on many things—context, setting, intent, etc.—so Edna’s examples will only give possible interpretations. Finally, COUNTRY SIGNS:  THEN AND NOW will show ASL standard signs for countries around the world, and how signers native to those countries produce their country’s name sign.