2003 ASL Immersion Weekend Workshop

“ASL Visualization”
Presented by Fred E. Gravatt

     In this workshop, participants will begin to vitalize ASL.  “To vitalize ASL is to make it alive, and more meaningful.  It can be the driving force behind the use of ASL – its power of audacity.”  We will learn about ASL visualization which is the process of expressing mental pictures and visualizing all possible mental concepts.  Participants will begin to learn this visualization process.  Participants will learn steps which help express their thought processes through the use of ASL.   Plenty of visual arts will help this process of visualization: comics, stories, short video clips, etc.  Other parts of the visualization process will be the understanding of personification, three dimensional aspect, looking through “the eyes of a camera”, actions, movements, size & shape specifiers, animations, and more.There will be experimental group participation and a project that each person will want to develop and practice.   In the end, participants will have a capacity to express visually the art of vitalized ASL. The ultimate goal of the workshop is that the participants will have great tools and confidence in expressing themselves much more VISUALLY.