2019 ASL Immersion Weekend Workshops

April 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2019
Joe Sapienza’s
ASL Immersion Weekend Presents:

“Score Four With Molly!”
Four workshops with Molly O’Hara

Evaluation forms feedback from this Weekend/Workshop
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Which Came First, the Subject or the Predicate?

Subjects do the predicates.  What’s a predicate?  It’s the action of a sentence.  Learn how these two parts interact to create structure that fits.  Learn the two sides of subjects in ASL – what does sentence structure reveal about a subject?  Some predicates are undivided while other predicates are split apart.  Find out why and when that happens through the specs of eye gaze clusters.

Word Problems? No Problem!

Where does one start when telling a word problem in ASL?  Is there even an instruction manual out there?  Come to this workshop and you’ll be pleased to learn that there is a practical way to take on the common headaches: order of operations, distance, rate, and time!  Working through standard settings such as “calling for” two cups and saying “where” C equals cost will be a satisfying experience.

Social Studies Today

The president declares a national emergency.  The partial shutdown impacts the economy.  What is the latest on immigration?  Such headlines grab the attention of today’s citizens.  Now, more than ever, folks are interested in how the government works.  Gain the upper hand by learning how to discuss these topics and other political issues in the worldview of ASL.

The Fundamentals of Mathematics in ASL

From whose point of view?  Which symbol do I use?  What’s the term for it?  How does ASL show the difference in meaning?  Shy away from the language of math no more!  Discover how to make sense of mathematical operations.  Tuck away a few pointers that carries you far.  Settle questions that haunt every interpreter.  Own the fundamentals of mathematics.

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