2007 ASL Immersion Weekend Workshop

In this Sign: “Sign Dance” Movement
Basic Performing Arts Expression
Presented by Fred Michael Beam

     Songs, poetry, and other types of “performance” interpreting can arise in any interpreting situation – Songs at church, the National Anthem or play at school, or even that “music on hold” for business and VRS interpreters. This workshop doesn’t focus on the “performance interpreter” (although it’s a perfect workshop for those that focus on that venue of interpreting). Instead, Fred’s workshop benefits all of us—and this means you! Participants of this workshop will learn tips on how to better use their facial expression and increase their skills in performance situations. Analysis of the performance item, be it theatre, song, poetry or dance will be covered. Interpreting and translating signing techniques will also be covered.

Throughout the workshop, Fred will use different poems, songs, and theatre scripts for participants to learn from and use. Regardless of the “silence’ of the Immersion Weekend, Fred will explain the use of sound and the “beat” to make your signing appropriate for the audience. DVDs and video tapes will be used in the workshop as examples and teaching material.